Is your facility making a positive impression?


High-Performance Facility Cleaning

Enhance your brand. Focus on your mission and goals. "Wow" visitors.


Medical, Industrial, Specialty, Construction, Retail, Church, Office, Education, and Food Service

"Redefine offers competitive pricing with great service. It is delightful to do business with a service supplier who is reliable and dedicated to improving our company. They are conscientious, hard-working and helpful to quickly react to our business needs and continually striving to make improvements. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a clean facility. They are professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with."

— Dale Shaw, Facility Supervisor, Kearfott Motion System Division

Full-Service, Facility-Specific Cleaning Regimens

Whether your facility needs 24/7 service, infrequent deep-cleaning, or somewhere in between – we use our experience and knowledge to build a regimen that fits your needs and your budget.

A System Designed to Enhance Service

The world is driven by software and systems. Why is the cleaning industry still relying on scrap paper? Post-it® notes are great for some things, but our engine is high-performance, industry-specific software.

Cleaning Instructions


These are physically and clearly posted in our storage areas, but are also taken with the team members as they access task lists via their phone. This keeps us on top of the infrequent tasks that can make or break our performance.

Client and Location Messaging


"Communication is key.' Each facility has its own cloud-based Message Board that allows our managers, our team, and you to communicate quickly and easily.

Supply Management


The system we use makes keeping up with supply inventory more efficient.

App-Driven Inspections


We conduct both self-audits and customer-driven inspections. Reports are detailed and clear and include pictures and comments.



Getting people in the right place at the right time is crucial. Our scheduling system keeps everyone on the same page. We use GPS location tagging when team members sign in/out. An alert makes managers aware if someone is late to their shift.

Problem Reporting


You have our ear. we work hard to perform with excellence, but if we fall short or the frequency of a task needs adjustment, our system makes corrections and changes "quick and easy."

I have had the pleasure of working with Redefine Facility Cleaning on numerous occasions. They have always responded promptly to our schedule needs while delivering a high level of professional service. I would highly recommend their services to others."

— Chris Smith, Vice-President, Beverly-Grant, Inc.

"Redefine Maintenance has a service culture that permeates the entire workforce. We have noted through the years we have used Redefine Maintenance that special care is taken to train all employees with a unique awareness that sees the sometimes tedious task of cleaning and prepping a commercial staging area as a special calling that involves personal investment in the client. This is not an easy task. This is Redefine's brand. "

Dr. George, Head of School, Asheville Christian

We are proud of our team! Personable, educated, with high-reaching goals and dreams. We recruit driven people who have integrity and align them with your customers and your mission.



We equip our members with high-quality equipment, effective and safe cleaning chemicals, rigorous accountability and quality control systems, continuing education and training, and a company that cares for them like family.

We love people. We show that love by serving people and their corresponding businesses and organizations through the task of cleaning. Even more, we consider cleaning a “craft.” It takes precision, care, sweat, and a humble heart of service to accomplish it with excellence.



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Proudly serving Western North Carolina


Proudly serving Western North Carolina
Proudly serving Western North Carolina
Proudly serving Western North Carolina
Proudly serving Western North Carolina
Proudly serving Western North Carolina
Is your facility making a positive impression?
Proudly serving Western North Carolina